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September 26, 2012


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 26, 2012, 12:56 AM
A thousand apologies oh patient ones for my lack of updates! It is hard to believe this year is almost at an end, study, moving house a month ago, working on two major Aussie comps and my first photobook has meant the time has flown by ridiculously fast. I've hardly had a moment to myself.

:iconk-tetsu: and I were chosen to be the Australian representatives for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan next year!

While I have a precious moment to spare by being gloriously horizontal on my face, I wanted to give my thanks on behalf of my team mate and I!

:icondarcywilliam: For being the biggest darling and forever mild, keeping my spirits up when they were lagging and being wondrous company. For your help with my chest makark, my collar, Anubis heads and painting have taught me so much about the Wonderflex that runs through your veins. For carrying about a million things, giving the Anubis gold nipples and just forever being a part of our Team Aus. Also for our amazing Z-side karaoke album we recorded on the way home, forever twin body bro <3
:iconjkale: For keeping us company on our late nights and hysterical laughter. For helping me comprehend sleeves when my brain had melted. For pinning my cloak of a million square metres together and reassuring me in all my ridiculous fabric choices, for joining me in raging about the joys and despair of chiffon, for preventing me from satin-stitching everything for no reason and for bringing the joys of Newtown. We love your face more than words can say! <3
Ceili  For coming over and sharing her great artistic insight. For understanding and helping my mad blinging and me wanting to gradient everything. For feeding our horrible cat son and keeping him company when we were in Syd. For cooking us mushrooms and cookies when I had only eaten muesli for several days. For being mild and providing the luck of the're grand! <3.
:iconlittlecrane: For providing hilarious and awesome fun times. For the constant support and believing in us always throughout the years. For helping us bling the Eye of Lah and shoes. For helping glue things for our backdrops. For your calls, messages and the flowers that were good! And for squeezing our faces and our cat when he was naughty and running through the fabric. Your face is always with us through the power of Bokbok.
:iconslykura: For helping us organising time in the recording studio for our skit so that we could get perfect sound quality! (Guess what? They turned it up too loud anyway =_=) Thank you for all your messages of love and support, for bro dinners and for all the awesome Gungnam styles!
:iconkaallisi: and :icongalactic-burrito: For your constant support and amazing humour. For doing the epic city trip to get my contact lenses and our last minute Illamasqua products we cannot thank you enough. For also helping us with backdrop blinging. For always knowing the right thing to say and sharing our love in devouring BBQ'd creatures, you guys are true bros and we cannot wait to see you again to squeeze your faces and devour more creatures! <3
:iconmeeelldango: For always offering love and support. For screaming at life with me. For your knowing back to front the Illamasqua catalogue and your eyelash recommendatons! We love you insanely and I can't wait to squeeze your face and we can scream at karaoke together!! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend! <3
:iconclamwings: For your constant messages of love and support. For always reassuring us that everything would be ok. For supporting us without a doubt throughout the years even if you weren't there in person, and even when we suck, this year we still felt your presence through the Eyebrow of Ra! For being mushroom minority comrades. For those beautiful flowers the day before the comp with the Blairface and for believing in us! We finally did it and AHH I'm excited to see you for the rib crushing squeezings! <3

:iconwakaleo::icontsubaki-chan::iconamenokitarou::iconasham:Riina,Maomao and Widya.
The judging panel for giving the title to us! I don't have all of them on dA. We have taken onboard the critique and feedback we have heard so far in order to improve; we are confident we can and also assure you that we are always our own worst critics! We'll definitely be working/consulting some of you for your input for Japan!
:iconkate-kane: and :iconcosplaypropmaster: Congratulations on your placing 2nd! You are both formidable opponents, always wanting to raise the bar and I really think that's what competition is all about! There was such a great spirit and feeling between all teams onstage that I haven't felt that in WCS for a while and I thank you guys for really making us work for 1st! I always appreciate when I see people wanting to go above and beyond what is expected so thank you guys!
:iconchibifiedkitsunes: and :iconhiyuki: Congrats on 3rd you awesome and amazing trolls. You could tell you guys were just having the time of your lives and I loved our backstage shenanigans together!! :D I am forever in love with your skit and our Eye of Lah is forever renamed in your honour! More than being epic bros outside of cosplay, your performance assure me to not take cosplay too seriously and to take a step back and have fun (which I hadn't done in a very long time for WCS! :D) Thank you so so much for that!<3
Morris, the MC of epic, Animania crew and all. Thank you for your constant help with backdrops and props throughout the years and especially Morris for being so sweet, amazing and always made me feel better even when we are at our lowest point after being onstage!

To all our amazing glorious friends all over the world and audience whose support for us is unparalleled and keeps us going, your reaction to our skit made us so happy and beyond what we expected. Thank you so much! People coming up to us and saying 'that's what cosplay is all about' or giving support for Team Australia and their happiness to be represented by us made us have all the feels! After years of never being able to cater to the fluctuating tastes of judges, we decided to just have fun this year and do what we wanted to do for a performance. We decided to write for you guys! I am glad we did. I am also sorry that the performance you saw was definitely a tenth of what we had rehearsed for ages and intended, but I think the most  important element of any performance is that you get yourselves back up and keep going in order to deliver a good show even when things malfunction!

ALL OUR FRIENDS WHO CAME TO OUR CELEBRATORY PIZZA HUT DINNER AND/OR KARAOKE! You guys know who you are! Thank you, THANK YOU for being the wonderful supportive friends you are. Your friendships means more to us than anything and we truly are so thankful to know you all. The ice creaming, the Dragonballs cosplay plans, the manly singing, the Disney, the Prince of Egypt-ing, the comparing boobs to fruit, the Han-ing of all. WE LOVE YOU!!!! Miss you all so much already and can't wait till we all catch up next!

Our families who constantly facepalm at this hobby, who have gone from STOP WASTING YOUR TIME YOU FOOLS OR YOU'LL BE DISOWNED to YAYYY YAYYYY GO TEAM AUSTRALIA! We thank you for always reminding us of our priorities!

We are proud to represent the Aussie cosplay community, there are so many people in it that we respect and admire..we assure you that we'll work very hard to do our best for you! We can also assure you that we have something great and unique (we hope) in mind for Japan, it will be a challenge but we want to go all out for this and deliver a good show, which, from what we have seen, is everything!

Last but not least :iconk-tetsu: My teammate, my heart, my chipmunk. WE DID IT BABY! ALLONS-Y THROUGH THE STARGATE BY THE POWER OF RA TO JAPAN! TIME TO BACKFLIP! I love you! <3<3

We both are so excited to meet you other beautiful teams and to having a wonderful time in Japan!!
Also to our friends coming along!!! GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~

Have a terrible pic of us looking like zombies in the Stargate :D:D:D~

And now I have a huge hankering to eat several soft-shell crabs...GOOD DAY~

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Vivid-Vivo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on getting chosen! Japan's amazing- you 2 will be amazing, I'm sure, and you'll have a brilliant time! Looking forward to see what you create!
cielroses Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
Thank you so much!! We're so excited ahhh, we'll do our best!!!! :heart::heart:
Vivid-Vivo Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem!! I'm sure you'll be great!!! Do you understand Japanese?
cielroses Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
I study it at uni and my partner speaks it fluently which is awesome! :3
Vivid-Vivo Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's great then! There's a high possibility that a lot of people will try to talk to you in English, but if you're studying at uni and your partner speaks in fluently, than just reply back in Japanese. They get the message soon enough! :P
You're gonna have a great time! Knowing Japanese is totally gonna help! :D
dark-dreams- Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
congratulations to both of you, so very deserving, those costumes look absolutely stunning, cannot wait to see what you come up with next.
cielroses Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
Thank you very much! Our plans for Japan are all ready to go, we'll definitely be updating with progress soon!
cherriuki Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012   Traditional Artist
omggg, all the congrats!!! T__T :heart: /throws confetti everywhere
cielroses Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
Yayyyy confetti!!! *twirls in it* :heart::heart:
peacheschan Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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